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SWI 2022 Hannover

Important information: Current hygiene measure status: In order to participate ON SITE you have to obey the 2G plus rule: In order to comply with the 2G plus rule, proof of full vaccination or valid proof of recovery is required. In addition, a negative test result or proof of a booster vaccination / third dose must be provided.

We are back in person! With great pleasure we would like to announce that our 2022 workshop is going to take place in Hannover starting on March 27 and ending at March 31.  It is a great honor that Balázs Pozsgay and Tomaž Prosen agreed to give insights in their expertise. We are currently also accepting applications for contributed talks.

SWI is a workshop meant for graduate students and early career researchers working in the field of integrability. It is a possibility to present their own work and foster collaboration in the future generation of integrable physicists. Besides the scientific program there are many social events like a visit to the royal gardens of Hannover, two social nights out and of course a conference dinner.

To register for the workshop, please visit http://go.lu-h.de/SWI2022 and fill in the registration form. If you want to contribute a talk please submit in addition in the section “Call for Abstracts” an abstract to describe briefly the topic of your talk. The deadline for Registration and Call for Abstracts is 15.02.2022.

Please note that there is no fee for the workshop, however, the participants need to pay for accommodation and the travel by themselves. To simplify the booking procedure, there will be a subscription of a number of hotel rooms. For more details see the accommodation section of the webpage. The deadline for room booking is 28.02.2022.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the workshop will be carried out in accordance with the regulations, hygiene measures and provisions applicable at the time of the event.

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If you have any question you can contact the organizer via the email:

Organizer: Sascha Gehrmann (U Hannover)

Logo: Gert Vercleyen (sticker design based on a double projection of E6 root lattice)