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SWI 2021 (online)

As the impact of the COVID pandemic on our daily lives continues, we would like to announce that our 2021 workshop is going to take place in a virtual format starting on April 26. Depending on interest, we will have a 5 day session this year. Both Olalla Castro Alvaredo and Andreas Klümper agreed to give the lectures that had to be cancelled last year during this event.

We would like to accommodate all speakers who were registered in 2020 during this online workshop if they still wish to give their talks, and ask them to confirm their contributions through an informal email. At the same time we’d like to encourage everyone to email us if they wish to participate with or without a contribution of thier own. There will be slots available for people who didn’t plan to give a talk in 2020, too.

SWI is a workshop meant for graduate students and early career researchers working in the field of integrability. It is an opportunity to present their work and foster collaboration in the future generation of integrable physicists.

To contact the organizers, please email the organizers at this address.


  • Aleksandra Ziolkowska (U Oxford)
  • Philipp Jaeger (U Manitoba and BU Wuppertal)
  • Andrew Urichuk (U Manitoba)

Logo: Gert Vercleyen