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The 5-days workshop will be rythmed by talks from the particpants and invited speakers.

The aim of this workshop is to nurture a vivid community of young researchers around integrability, and create fruitful collaborations between participants. Conference rooms will be at disposal for discussions and side working groups.


The preliminary schedule can be found below. Note that all times are British Summer Time (UTC+1). This schedule is subject to minor changes in order to best accommodate speakers from different time zones.

Invited speakers

We have the pleasure to announce the presence of two keynote speakers

  • Dr. Olalla Castro Alvaredo from the University of London.
    Entanglement Measures, Integrability and Out-of-Equilibrium Dynamics.
    In this talk I will review a particular approach to the evaluation of measures of entanglement in 1+1-D Integrable Quantum Field Theory, known as the Branch Point Twist Field Approach. This is an area in which I have worked (with various collaborators) for the past 13 years. I will show with few examples how this powerful method can give us access to universal (e.g. largely theory-independent) features of entanglement beyond criticality. Drawing on more recent results, I will also discuss how the same approach can be generalized to deal with some out-of-equilibrium problems, that is, the investigation of the dynamics of entanglement after a quantum quench.

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Klümper from the hosting University of Wuppertal.
    Thermodynamics and finite-size studies of integrable models: from TBA equations to reduced non-linear integral equations.
    In this talk I will present a unified treatment for the calculation of finite-size data to the energy eigenvalues of integrable Hamiltonians and of their thermodynamic potentials at arbitrary temperatures. The goal is achieved in two steps. First a Trotter-Suzuki like mapping of the Hamiltonian to an exactly solvable staggered vertex model and the formulation of a suitable transfer direction reduces the problem of thermodynamics to the calculation of just the leading eigenvalue of the quantum transfer matrix. This task is very much like that for calculating eigenvalues for finite row-to-row transfer matrices of integrable vertex models. The second step concerns the actual calculation of the eigenvalues either by use of a Bethe ansatz or by use of the fusion procedure and solving functional equations of T- and Y-system type. This will result in coupled non-linear integral equations (NLIE) of thermodynamical Bethe ansatz (TBA) type. I will show how in general, without restricting the treatment to special anisotropies corresponding to roots of unity and without approximation errors, the NLIEs can be truncated to a finite set. The seminal models for the presentation of these methods will be su(2) invariant systems. However, some generalizations to higher rank models will be given.

Contributed talks

Contributed talks from participants will take place all along the workshop.
They should be 40 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

A shorter format of 20 minutes with questions is possible if it fits your subject best.

Registration is closed.

We would like to bring your attention on making your talk accessible and instructional. A prize for the best contributed talk will be awarded at the end of the workshop.

Non scientific program

We have planned the conference program such that there are lots of breaks between the talks. We encourage all participants to engange in out socializing platform, wonder.me [which is run by a startup located in Berlin, so that German data protection and privacy standards under GDPR apply]. A participation link will be sent to you by email. The platform will be available throughout the week, including during the sessions and overnight, so that people not located in Europe can socialize any time.

Social nights are lined out in the program for Monday and Thursday, but depending on interest additional game nights or similar can be arranged on short notice. Feel free to join our social events with a (cold) beverage of your choice.