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Important information: Current hygiene measure status: In order to participate ON SITE you have to obey the 2G plus rule: In order to comply with the 2G plus rule, proof of full vaccination or valid proof of recovery is required. In addition, a negative test result or proof of a booster vaccination / third dose must be provided.

The registration is open. Please fill in the registration form at https://konferenz.uni-hannover.de/event/36/registrations/22/. If you want to give a talk please submit an abstract under https://konferenz.uni-hannover.de/event/36/abstracts/. The deadline for Registration and Call for Abstracts is 15.02.2022.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the workshop will be carried out in accordance with the regulations, hygiene measures and provisions applicable at the time of the event.

If you wish to contribute a talk, please include the title and abstract of your talk. Regular talks will be 40min including 10min for questions and discussion. It is also possible to give a short talk, which is 20min including a 5min discussion.